Chemtech AirCon Kleen Car Air Conditioner Cleaner


A single use air con cleaner designed to eliminate odours & completely disinfect car air conditioning systems.


PLEASE NOTE: This product is classed as ‘Dangerous Goods’ for transport purposes & therefore is only available for pickup or local delivery.

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Chemtech AirCon Kleen Car Air Conditioner Cleaner

Bacteria, mould and mildew slowly grow and lurk in your car’s air-conditioning system, causing allergic reactions and unpleasant stale odours. Chemtech AirCon Kleen™ does not mask odours it eliminates them right at the source in just 10 minutes!

Formulated to deodorise & disinfect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and freshen the vehicle’s interior by eliminating bacterial and fungal growth.

Suitable for use in cars, 4WD’s trucks, vans & recreational vehicles.


  1. Start vehicle engine.
  2. Set fan at low speed.
  3. Turn A/C on & set temperature at 22 degrees celcius or normal driving comfort temperature.
  4. Set air flow through centre dashboard vents only.
  5. Set to recirculate mode & close all windows.
  6. Shake can well before use.
  7. Place can upright on the floor of vehicle’s front passenger seat, underneath the suction air vent, ensuring can is NOT pointing upwards towards the windscreen.
  8. Keep away from body & face, activate can by pressing nozzle down until it’s locked.
  9. Exit car, close all doors. DO NOT remain in car cabin. Leave for 10 minutes.
  10. Open all windows & doors & allow to ventilate for 10 minutes prior to vehicle entry.