Septone Armour Cologne Upholstery Protector

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Armour Cologne is a water repellent product which restores the natural shine, look and feel to a variety of different materials. Popular in the automotive and marine industry for reviving upholstery.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: 750mL Trigger Pack, 5 Litre, 20 Litre

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Septone Armour Cologne Upholstery Protector

Armour Cologne protects, revives and beautifies leather, vinyl, rubber, acrylics and plastics by restoring the natural shine, feel and colour of the original material. Armour Cologne contains a high level of silicone polymers which produce a long lasting high gloss finish and give excellent water repellency.

ARMOUR COLOGNE may be used in a number of applications including the following:

  • Vinyl and leather upholstery
  • Dashboards and surrounds
  • Door panels and vinyl rooftops
  • Rubber and plastic bumper bars, tyres and rubber mudflaps
  • Leather upholstery, handbags and luggage
  • Golf bags and briefcases


– Multi purpose for automotive, marine and personal use

– Long lasting high gloss finish

– Water repellency

– Restores shine, feel and colour of original material


  1. Clean the surface with an upholstery cleaner or general purpose cleaner prior to application.
  2. Shake container.
  3. Spray a fine, even mist over the surface to be treated.
  4. Alternatively, apply by moistening a lint free cloth with the product & wipe over the surface to be cleaned.
  5. Wipe over surface using a clean, lint free cloth & allow to dry.

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20 Litre, 5 Litre, 750mL