RapidClean Auto Wash – Car, Truck & Equipment

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AUTO WASH is a specially formulated detergent/cleaner for removing a wide variety of soils from cars, trucks and general equipment. Formulated to easily remove dirt, road film and exhaust carbon from trucks.

Available Size: 5 Litre | 15 Litre

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RapidClean Auto Wash – Car, Truck & Equipment

AUTO WASH is a highly concentrated opaque green liquid detergent based on a blend of mild surfactants, soil suspending agents and corrosion inhibitors. It is safe on all metals and painted surfaces and is extremely free rinsing and streak free even if allowed to dry on the surface.

AUTO WASH has been formulated for the removal of a wide variety of soils from both heavy and light plant and equipment which includes the following:

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Cars
  • Building exteriors
  • Soils would include grease, oil, carbon and mud


– Safe on all surfaces

– Free rinsing – will not streak

– Highly concentrated providing economy in use

– Suitable for use in soft or hard water

– Can be applied through a foaming unit

– Mild detergent ensures operator safety

– Quickly removes all dirt and road grime, which assists with down time

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15 litre, 5 litre