Whiteley Medizyme Neutral Enzyme Cleaner Detergent


MEDIZYME is a specialised enzymatic detergent solution that is capable of removing blood and other protein deposits.

Available Size: 5 litre

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Whiteley Medizyme

MEDIZYME is a specialised enzymatic detergent solution that is capable of removing blood and other protein deposits. MEDIZYME rapidly solubilises and disperses blood, body tissue, carbohydrates, mucopolysaccharides, lipids and other proteinaceous soils. When combined with physical cleaning, MEDIZYME provides an effective method for cleaning complex instruments. MEDIZYME is effective in hard and soft water.

Several methods commonly used for cleaning equipment and instruments are manual washing, mechanical washing and the use of ultrasonic cleaners. While these methods are suitable for many items there are still a large number of instruments and complex devices that cannot be either safely or adequately cleaned by these methods. MEDIZYME acts quickly by penetrating and degrading dried blood and other proteinaceous matter that is difficult to remove by traditional methods of cleaning.

The first and often vital step in any process of sterilisation is the removal of organic soils. Meticulous cleaning prior to disinfecting or sterilisation is essential. If blood or other organic matter is not entirely removed prior to disinfection or sterilisation, sterility of the equipment may be compromised. Failure to remove organic soiling prior to disinfection or sterilisation may result in the transmission of infectious organisms.

MEDIZYME, in accordance with AS/NZS4187 and AS/NZS4815 requirements contains no perfume, unlike other enzymatic products available.

MEDIZYME is suitable for use on:

  • Fibreoptical equipment*
  • Respiratory-therapy equipment
  • Cardiovascular instruments
  • General surgical instruments
  • Orthopedic instruments
  • Telescopic instruments
  • Microsurgical instruments
  • Dental equipment
  • Endoscopes



  1. Where possible, remove excess contaminants by rinsing in cold running water.
  2. Dilute 6mL of MEDIZYME per litre of water (30mL per 5 litres). Warm water (25°C+) is preferable to cold water for enzymatic activity. Temperatures over 50°C will inhibit enzymatic action.
  3. Soak instruments for 2 minutes and clean. If heavy soiling is present, longer soaking time may be required. (Check manufacturer’s recommendations for fibreoptical equipment before soaking).
  4. Remove and rinse with warm tap or distilled water.
  5. Discard solution after use.
  6. After cleaning and rinsing instruments, equipment can be disinfected or sterilised by appropriate means.