RapidClean Reflection Glass Cleaner

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Reflection Glass Cleaner is formulated to cut through dirt and grease on all surfaces.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: 500mL Labelled Spray Bottle, 5 Litre, 15 Litre

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RapidClean Reflection Glass Cleaner

RapidClean Reflection – Glass Cleaner is a clear blue liquid. It is a dual action, hard surface and window cleaner. It combines a powerful blend of detergents and degreasing agents to easily cut through grease and dirt while leaving a streak -free finish.

Reflection can be used to clean all types of hard surfaces in one convenient spray n wipe application. Surfaces include windows, mirrors, benches, cupboards, cooktops and appliances. It will remove all types of soils including greasy food soils around cooking preparation areas.


  • Multipurpose detergent.
  • Completely streak free.
  • Safe on all surfaces.
  • Will clean a wide range of surfaces.
  • Use as received to no premixing required.


  1. Apply through a hand held spray-on applicator.
  2. Then wipe off immediately with a lint free cloth or paper towel.

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15 Litre, 5 Litre, 500ML Spray Bottle Only