Diversey Oxivir TB Hospital Grade Disinfectant 946mL

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Diversey’s registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant, Oxivir Tb is proven to kill Influenza virus in just 1 minute!

Available Sizes: 946mL, Carton of 12

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Diversey Oxivir TB

Oxivir Tb Disinfectant Cleaner based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide (AHP®) technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning performance. DISINFECTNS IN 60 SECONDS! Virucide, bactericide, tuberculocide, fungicide and non-food contact sanitizer. Kills MRSA and Norovirus. Meets bloodborne pathogen standards for decontaminating blood and body fluids. Colorless with a characteristic scent.

OXIVIR TB LIQUID can be used in the following applications:

  • Can be used to clean most hard, nonporous environmental surfaces with confidence.
  • Use as spray and wipe disinfectant.
  • Non-food contact sanitizer in 60 seconds.


  • Hospital grade disinfectant
  • Based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide technology (AHP®)
  • Disinfects in 1 minute, Tuberculocidal in 5 minutes (US)
  • Excellent surface safety
  • HMIS ratings are all zeros
  • Kills MRSA ,VRE and Norovirus
  • Kills Covid 19


  1. Apply Oxivir® Tb undiluted to surfaces by spray, cloth or disposable wipe.
  2. All surfaces must remain visibly wet for 1 minute for viruses and bacteria, 5 minutes for Hepatitis C and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. To kill E. coli, P. vulgaris, P. aeruginosa, S. choleraesuis, S. aureus and Fungi use a 10 minute contact time.
  3. Allow to air dry.

A potable water rinse is required when disinfecting food contact surfaces.

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