Minehan Coil Shine Air-Conditioner Coil Cleaner


An industrial grade COIL & CONDENSER cleaner featuring a alkaline formula offering a safer alternative to other hydrofluoric based acid aluminium cleaners.


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Minehan Coil Shine Air-Conditioner Coil Cleaner

COIL-SHINE is a very powerful alkaline coil and condenser cleaner. The surfactants, emulsifiers and penetrating action of COIL-SHINE help to clean deep within coils and to help bring contaminants out of coils and condensers. This will help with airflow enormously and will make a huge difference to the “Head Pressure” of the Air Handling System. In commercial situations, 100% clean and well maintained Air Handling Systems deliver up to 25% more efficient electricity bills.


  • Refrigeration Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Maintenance Crews


COIL-SHINE may be diluted at up to 25 to 1 giving a 1% cleaning solution, however best results are obtained at between 2:1 and 10:1 with water.

  1. Mist coils highly with water and then spray liberally with COIL-SHINE.
  2. Allow COIL-SHINE to penetrate and deoxidise cells for approximately 2 to 5 minutes then flush with water. COILS should then be as new.

Workplace Health and Safety regulations require safer products to be substituted for more hazardous products where possible. COIL-SHINE, being alkaline, is a far safer product than hydrofluoric based acid aluminium cleaners, which have been proven to be carcinogenic.