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GOJO Pro TDX Dispenser is a lockable, high capacity design compatible with GOJO’s range of Industrial Hand Cleaners in both 2L & 5L Refills.

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Gojo Pro TDX 5000 Dispenser

The GOJO PRO TDX dispenser offers an adjustable output of either 2mL, 2.5mL, or 3mL so you control the usage. It has been engineered to withstand the toughest environments making it ideal for industrial settings. Refilling the dispenser is a simple process with the refills being SANITARY SEALED to prevent germs from contaminating the product.

The PRO TDX Dispenser is a completely lockable wall mounted design & the sanitary sealed refills ensure the unit is tamper proof. Ideal for high volume areas & provides a much more cost effective solution as opposed to traditional hand cleaners.


  • Adjustable dosage to control use.
  • Simple sanitary sealed refill system to prevent tampering.
  • Can fit GOJO’s range of Industrial Hand Cleaners in both 2L or 5L refills.

Dispensers provided FREE ON LOAN to approved applicants, enquire to check eligibility.


  1. Unlock dispensing unit.
  2. Remove existing refill & dispose of.
  3. Open new cartridge at base of cardboard carton.
  4. Place into dispensing system & latch nozzle into place
  5. Lock dispensing unit.


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