Gojo Supro Max Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 5L 7572-02

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GOJO Supro Max is a HEAVY DUTY Hand Cleaner effective on grease, paint, adhesives & oil whilst maintaining skin condition. Now available in a highly economical 5L refill for GOJO’s PRO TDX Dispensing System.

Availability:  5L Refill | Carton of 2

Also available to order in upon request in a 2L Refill.

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Gojo Supro Max

GOJO SUPRO MAX is a highly effective heavy duty hand cleaner with gentle scrubbers to cut through even the heaviest build up of grease & dirt. Its unique blend of cleaners and gentle scrubbers makes it ideal for automotive, marine, trade & industrial use or wherever the most difficult soils are encountered. Simply apply to dry hands and rinse clean.

The fast and effective lotion style hand cleaner can remove the toughest, stickiest soils and adhesives while remaining gentle on the skin. Specifically formulated with skin conditioners which nourish & protect the skin whilst a unique blend of cleaners break through the grime.

Economy 5L Refill option for GOJO’s PRO TDX Dispensing system provides a cost effective, hygienic solution to industrial hand cleaning. With the ability to adjust dosage from 2 – 3mL, you can expect anywhere from 1,665 – 2,5000 doses PER 5L REFILL! Compared to traditional hand cleaners which often require anywhere from 10-20mL of product per use.


  • Fast & highly effective formula.
  • Features skin conditioners to prevent hands from drying out.
  • Lotion paste formula containing natural crushed walnut shell.
  • Effective on oil, grease, paint & adhesives.
  • 5L Refill for GOJO TDX PRO Dispensing System.


  1. Apply 1 pump directly onto hands.
  2. Work into the soiled areas, adding water as required.
  3. Rinse clean & repeat if required.


Gojo Pro TDX 5000 Dispenser

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