Purell ES8 Automatic Soap Dispenser


A sleek & professional style automatic soap dispenser suitable for use with Purell ES8 Healthy Soap Refills.

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Purell ES8 Automatic Soap Dispenser

PURELL® ES8 Soap Dispenser is a touch-free dispenser designed for high-traffic areas such as office spaces, entertainment centres, high end salons & public washrooms. With its elegant design, this dispenser compliments any decor and offers a convenient, easy-to-use solution for promoting hand hygiene.


The PURELL® ES8 Soap Dispenser is calibrated to provide the optimal dose for effective hand hygiene. This means that users get the right amount of hand soap every time, without wasting product or compromising on effectiveness. The dispenser is compatible with PURELL® ES8 1200 mL Healthy Soap refills, which are easy to install.


Additionally, the PURELL® ES8 Hand Soap Dispenser is equipped with LOCK OR NOT™ technology. This technology allows you to convert the dispenser to a locking system, which is ideal for use in high-risk areas or to prevent theft. The locking system helps ensure that the hand soap is only used by authorised individuals, which helps promote good hand hygiene and reduces the risk of germ transmission.


  • Each new refill comes with its own energy source – a coin cell battery integrated into the refill.
  • Elegant design complements décor.
  • AT-A-GLANCE™ refills provide the easiest way to see when refills need to be changed.
  • Uses PURELL® ES8 1200mL Healthy Soap efills.
  • Dispenser and formulation are calibrated to provide the optimal dose for effective hand hygiene.
  • SANITARY SEALED™ PET refill bottle with tear-off collar for easy recycling.
  • LOCK OR NOT™ technology – can convert to a locking system.

Dispensers provided FREE ON LOAN to approved applicants, enquire to check eligibility.


– Purell Professional Healthy Soap Fresh Scent 7777-02

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