Garrards Exterm-An-Ant


Exterm-An-Ant is based on organic ingredients, which of course is safer for the environment. It has a unique formula using insect pheromones (odours) as part of the attractant, which provides far greater attractive efficacy than any other ant bait formulation previously available.

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Garrards Exterm-An-Ant

The active ingredient is Boron, which, when taken taken back to the nest targets the queen and therefore prevents the spread of ant populations to other areas. The formula is a delayed release mode of action, that allows worker ants to relay the product back to the nest.

Due to the high level of the organic based attractant, (which acts as a natural preservative) the product has a long shelf life. It is this attractant that results in complete ant attraction, leaving no trace of the product after ant feeding.


Exterm-An-Ant is best used in dry, protected areas, but will remain active in an open sunny conditions. There are no restrictions on the use of the product, ie it can be used both indoors and outdoors, however care should be taken with any bait placement and the product should not be used in rain.