Environmental Air Solutions Air Purifying Gel

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Environmental Air Solutions is a 100% natural, self-evaporating product that incorporates the amazing antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of Tea Tree Oil.

Available Sizes: 230G, 400G, 800G Refill Pouch, 4KG

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Environmental Air Solutions Air Purifying Gel

Introducing Environmental Air Solutions – products designed to KILL MOULD and BACTERIA in a safe, natural and environmentally friendly way! EAS Air Purifying Spray and slow-release Air Purifying Gel are a two part process designed to KILL mould and bacteria, and restore the air quality to your environment!

Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil is recognised for its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. This provides ongoing treatment, inhibiting the growth of mould, bacteria, fungi and other airborne viruses. It provides a slow release evaporation, which usually takes approximately 30 days to evaporate entirely.

Developed for indoor areas to kill and stop the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi, once your container of Environmental Air Solutions has been opened and placed in position, the vapour from the triple antibiotic quality Tea Tree Oil immediately starts releasing into the air. Environmental Air Solutions is not a product that ‘masks’ an odour, but instead captures the cause.

The Air Purifying Gel comes in sizes to suit any size room, from small rooms right up to large industrial areas. Ideal for wardrobes, bedrooms, living areas, pantry’s & other areas where recurrent mould & air quality is an issue. Commonly used in spaces with low light & low airflow. 


  • Completely natural product.
  • Fresh Tea Tree Oil scent.
  • Kills & prevents mould, bacteria & fungi.


  1. Simply open the container and allow the gel to evaporate, structurally damaging the cell walls and membranes of mould, bacteria and fungi.
  2. Refill or replace container when gel has evaporated.


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