Whiteley Sansol Foaming Heavy Duty Bathroom Cleaner

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Sansol is an acidic based Hospital Grade Disinfectant with excellent biocidal properties.

Available Sizes: 5 Litre, Carton of 3x 5 Litre

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Whiteley Sansol

SANSOL can be used in a number of applications in both industrial and commercial cleaning. Suitable for use as a broad spectrum disinfectant and will provide complete disinfection of multiple surfaces. Its acidic properties ensure disinfection of damp drain related bacteria which can solve recurring pathogenic problems in and around shared use bathrooms

Sansol kills HIV, Hepatitis B, Noro Virus and odour causing bacteria and effectively removes body fats and oils, hard water carbonate deposits, rust, urine and faeces stains, soap scum, algae and mildew. SANSOL has also been successfully used on ventilation systems to eradicate odour causing bacteria.


  • Cuts labour costs up to 50%.
  • Kills HIV, Norovirus and Hep B Virus.
  • Kills odour causing bacteria.
  • Leaves surfaces sparkling clean.
  • Long lasting deodorisation.


Do not mix with other detergents or chemicals, not for use on medical devices.

GENERAL CLEANING: Dilute 1: 10 with water

  1. Apply to surfaces through a foaming gun, or apply to the surface through a portable foam gun at the same dilution rate.
  2. For heavy soiling scrub or agitate SANSOL on surfaces with a nylon bristle broom or brush.
  3. Rinse thoroughly after use with tap water and wash directly to sewer.


  1. Apply undiluted directly onto surfaces and leave for 10 minutes at room temperature to kill bacteria and blood borne viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B Virus and the Noro Virus.
  2. Rinse thoroughly after use with tap water and wash directly to sewer.


– The standard procedure for cleaning and disinfecting bathroom & washrooms areas is to completely remove all soils and disinfect all surfaces to a height of 2 metres.

– SANSOL can be applied through a portable spray gun, a foaming gun attached to a hose or directly to surfaces from the 1L SANSOL bottle with its convenient flip-top lid.

– SANSOL can be used on most surfaces in washrooms including sinks, toilets, floors, walls and showers.

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5 Litre, Carton