Wagtail Extension Pole 6 Foot 1.8 Metres


Wagtail tools are made in Australia by a passionate team who are dedicated to producing sustainable cleaning tools of the highest quality.

DIMENSIONS: 6 Foot 1.8 Metres

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Wagtail Extension Pole 6 Foot 1.8 Metres

The Wagtail Extension Pole is a very handy and convenient addition to your cleaning kit.

The extension pole is lightweight and easy to store in your home or to take with you on your cleaning jobs.

Simply Push your Wagtail tool onto the angled tip and you will be able to reach most standard ceilings from top to bottom without the use of a step ladder or bending down.

The Wagtail Extension Pole gives you an extension for cleaning areas that are hard to reach or for cleaning the outside of glass balconies safely and easy due to the precise angled tip of the Flex Pole, which positions the squeegee blade at the most effective cleaning angle.


  • Light weight extension pole provides additional reach.
  • Angled tip positions squeegee blade at most effective angle.
  • Compact

Suitable for use with all Wagtail Cleaning Tools