Wagtail Angle Arm Adaptor


Wagtail tools are made in Australia by a passionate team who are dedicated to producing sustainable cleaning tools of the highest quality.


Wagtail Angle Arm Adaptor

Now you can clean your hard to reach windows effortlessly with the help of the Wagtail Angle Arm.

The Angle Arm is a versatile adapter or gooseneck that gives extra reach and creates optimal angles for accessing hard to reach windows. Perfect for cleaning awkward areas such as the outside of a balcony or cleaning the outside of a window from the inside.

All Wagtail tools simply push-fit onto the tapered end of the Angle Arm and can be used alone or push-fit onto a window cleaning pole.

Attach the Angle Arm to a pole and it adapts Wagtail Squeegees for use on floors.

Suitable for use with all Wagtail Cleaning Tools