Research Products Supastar Neutral Floor Cleaner

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A neutral pH floor cleaner ideal for Timber Floors, Gloss Tiles as it provides a streak free finish. Also suitable for marble, terrazzo & slate.


PLEASE NOTE – 15L is available for order in upon request.

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Research Products Supastar

Supastar is a gloor cleaner ideal for maintaining sealed floors. Formulated for use on delicate surfaces including marble, terrazzo and slate, it is also the ideal cleaner for polished timber floors offering a streak free finish. Despite its neutral pH, it still has the punch to remove
heavy grime and soil and can be used to cut back floor finishes by leaving on the surface a several minutes prior and scrubbing with Edco Glomesh Medium Duty Floor Pad.


  • Suitable for vinyl, marble, terrazzo and sealed timber floors.
  • pH neutral and gentle for floors.
  •  Will not leave behind a greasy, sticky or slippery residue.
  • Won’t blush or dull high gloss floors.
  • Offers a fresh clean citrus fragrance.


Dilute according to soil levels: Light 1:80 with water. Medium 1:40 with water. heavy 1:20 with water. Spray & Wipe 1:10 with water.


  1. Dilute as instructed.
  2. Apply by mop, or spray and wipe surfaces for cleaning ensuring even application.


  1. Fill the scrubber solution tank with the required volume of water followed by recommended volume SUPASTAR.
  2. Set the pad down on the floor, drop the squeegee, turn on the vacuum, and proceed with scrubbing the floor.
  3. If trails are left behind, quickly return with a damp mop to remove the excess water before it dries.
  4. Select the appropriate floor pad.
    On vinyl – White or Red
    On terrazzo – White
  5. Minimise the use of aggressive pads which may damage floor finishes and select a pad best suited to the level of soil experienced.
  6. For surfaces requiring a deep clean/cutback use a Edco Glomesh Medium Duty Floor Pad.

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