Research Products Odaban E Odour Absorber Concentrate


An antimicrobial, fast-drying, deodoriser which can be used in the dry carpet cleaning process or as a general deodoriser, with spicy aroma residual.


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Research Products Odaban E

ODABAN E is one of very few chemicals available that actually combines with un-pleasant odours to create a non-odour. The presence of a quaternary ammonium compound neutralises most of odour causing bacteria and leaves long lasting pleasant fragrance.


  • Safe for use on wool fibres.
  • Removes rotting food odours, pet urine odours and cigarette odours.
  • Drains deodorised.
  • Replace odours with a fresh spicy aroma.
  • Neutralises odours caused by bacteria.


CARPET – Dilute 1:5 with water.

  1. Extraction clean and remove as much odour source as possible.
  2. Spray ODABAN E dilution lightly over affected area and agitate in.
  3. Do not rinse.
  4. For odours that originate in the carpet backing, inject neat ODABAN E into the backing and allow it to dry.

UNSEEN ODOURS – Dilute 1:50 with water in extraction tank.

  1. Add ODABAN E directly to a machine solution tank (with normal extraction chemical) and perform extraction as normal.

HARD FLOORS – Dilute 1:50 with water.

  1. Mop contaminated surface & allow to dry.

SPRAY – Dilute 1:5 with water.

  1. Mist into air & allow to linger.
  2. Spray directly onto contaminated surface.