RapidClean Foam Wash Pods


Foam Wash is a pH controlled product for general purpose hand cleaning with a rich, foamy lather, built in moisturiser and has a pleasant fragrance.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY 1 Litre Refill x 6 per Carton

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RapidClean Foam Wash Pods

Foam Wash is a pH controlled, pleasantly fragranced, rich foaming washroom hand cleanser. Its gentle cleaning action will remove most household soils including dirt, mud, dust and kitchen residues.


  • Foam Wash contains no solvents and no soap and is based on low irritant, biodegradable surfactants providing a high degree of skin compatibility
  • Foam Wash contains moisturiser and gentle emollients so skin will not dry out like it can with some hand cleansers
  • Foam Wash is dispensed via attractive wall mounted dispensers for ease of use


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