GOJO Mild Foam Hand Wash Fragrance Free 5665-02-INT00


A fragrance, kathons & colour free foam hand wash that is mild enough for high frequency use without drying out skin.

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GOJO Mild Foam Hand Wash Fragrance Free

GOJO Mild Foam Hand Wash is a fragrance free alternative which is ideal for customers with skin sensitivities. It’s a pod style refill which is compatible with the GOJO TFX Touch Free Dispenser.

Featuring a biodegradable foaming formulation which is mild enough for high frequency washing to cleanse without drying out skin.

With the SANITARY SEALED™ refill system, this product prevents contamination and ensures that each application is pure and fresh. Each refill comes with a fresh dispensing valve to ensure that you get the perfect amount of product every time.


  • Mild enough for high-frequency washing.
  • Kathons, colour and fragrance free formula.
  • Cleanses without drying out skin.
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested¹.
  • Biodegradable formula².
  • Gentle formula (without MIT, MI, MCI).
  • GreenTag™ certified.


Gojo TFX Automatic Soap Dispenser 2740-12-AUS00

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