Sampson GrimeTime Industrial Hand Cleaner w/ Grit

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An industrial strength HEAVY DUTY hand cleaner containing natural mineral grit to assist cutting through excessive grease & grime.

Product Availability: 750mL, 5 Litres, 20 Litres

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Sampson GrimeTime Industrial Hand Cleaner w/ Grit

Grime Time is a hard working hand cleaner with natural grit. It is designed to remove grease, oil and most industrial soiling from hands. It is used in mine sites, garages, manufacturing and engineering workshops, auto repair and maintenance workshops. In fact, Grime Time is ideal for hardworking hands anywhere. It is completely environmentally friendly, contains no solvents and no D’Limonene. So not only is this good for the environment it is gentle to the skin. Grime Time contains natural Eucalyptus Oil and is septic safe.

Used by mechanics, painters, engineers, store men etc. to remove stubborn grease, oil, carbon and general soiling.


  • Contains grease cutting eucalyptus oil
  • Removes grease and oil from hands
  • Contains glycerol for moisturising
  • Natural mineral grit


Apply about a 20 cent piece worth to your hands and work into the soiling then rinse with water.

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20 Litre, 5 Litre, 750mL