Cleanstar Combination Floor Tool w/ Base Wheel 32mm 30cm


A generic combination floor tool compatible with any 32mm rod/wand.

DIMENSIONS: 32mm Neck, 30cm Tool Width

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Cleanstar Combination Floor Tool w/ Base Wheel 32mm 30cm

Cleanstar’s Combination Floor Tool w/ Base Wheel is a universal option suited for both hard and soft floors. It enables you to sweep and trap dirt on hard floors at the same time. This tool is best suited for cleaning irregular surfaces, such as tiles, safety floors, timber floors, but can also be used on carpet.


– The single lever foot operated button extends the bristle for hard floors and retracts for use on carpet.

– Standard 30cm width for improved productivity whilst still maintaining manoeuvrability around furniture & objects.

– Fitted with a swivel neck providing forward and reverse tilt, automatically adjusting to the operators height.


  • Suitable for both hard & soft flooring.
  • Standard 32mm neck fits onto any 32mm rod/wand.
  • Bristles can be extended or retracted depending on surface requirements.