CleanStar Mini Turbo Head Floor Tool 32mm 11cm


A compact & universal Turbo Head ideal for upholstery & vehicles where a standard size floor tool is impractical.

DIMENSIONS: 32mm Neck, 11cm Tool Width

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CleanStar Mini Turbo Head Floor Tool 32mm 11cm

Cleanstar’s MINI TURBO HEAD floor tool is a light, non-powered unit which utilises the suction and airflow of the vacuum cleaner to spin the bristles, agitating dirt and debris to achieve better pick up and a deeper carpet clean.

The rotating brush picks up pet & human hair more effectively than a standard tool which relies soley on the suction of the vacuum.

It’s compact & sturdy design is ideal for upholstery, vehicles & other hard to reach areas that a regular sized tool struggle with.


  • Provides deeper clean on carpet & upholstery.
  • Lifts & refreshes carpet pile.
  • Universal 32mm Neck fits onto any 32mm Vacuum Rod.