Clean Plus Veggies & Fruit Sanitiser


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Clean Plus Veggies & Fruit Sanitiser

Veggie & Fruit Sanitiser is a clear liquid with no added fragrance, which cleans and disinfects in one action. It contains 25g/L of Sodium Hypochlorite that kills most of common bacteria at the dilution prescribed below.


It is intended for use as a cleaner & sanitiser for fruit & vegetables. Wash fruits & vegetables with cleaner water. Sanitise by soaking fruits & vegetables for about 10 minutes in a solution containing below prescribed dilution ratio. Rinse fruits & vegetables with potable water and allow it to dry before use. Prevent cross contamination by rinsing the sink effectively between uses.


  • Antimicrobial solution.
  • Cleaner and sanitiser for Vegetables & Fruits.
  • Designed for use in food manufacturing and food processing establishments.


CLEANER & SANITISER – Dilute 1:250 (100mL per 25L water)

  1. Place fruit & vegetable into diluted solution.
  2. Allow to soak for 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse clean.

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