Diversey Bluewash Concentrated Laundry Liquid

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BLUEWASH LIQUID is a clear, thick blue liquid combining a blend of powerful cleaning agents, detergents and specialty optical brighteners.

Available Sizes: 5 Litre, 15 Litre

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Diversey Bluewash

BLUEWASH LIQUID is a concentrated laundry liquid featuring an antibacterial formulation to provide a thorough clean. Ensures maximum cleaning performance on all soils encountered leaving fabrics clean and bright with a fresh residual fragrance.

DIVERSEY BLUEWASH can be used in the following applications:

  • Suitable for all types of washing machines, front and top loading.
  • Remove a wide range of household stains including grease, fat, blood, oil, dirt and perspiration.
  • The naturally derived ingredients are also gentle on the skin.
  • Also suitable in industrial washing machines for use in on premise laundries such as nursing homes, motels and hotels.


– Excellent cleaning results in hot or cold.

– Contains superior optical brighteners.

– Leaves a fresh residual fragrance on the perfume fabric.

– Suitable for all hard water conditions.


TOP LOAD – Use ½ cup for a standard wash load. For heavy soiling use up to 1 cup.

FRONT LOAD – Use ¼ cup for normal wash loads. For heavy soiling use ½ cup.

HAND WASH / SOAKING – Use ½ cup to a bucket (5 litres).

SPOT REMOVE – Pour a small quantity onto the stain, rub gently and place soiled garment and balance of detergent into the wash.

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