Clean Plus Laundry Powder Economy


Standard strength, suitable for daily household and commercial washing, fresh lemon fragrance.

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Clean Plus Laundry Powder Economy

Economy Laundry Powder is a bright blue active powder, with a strong lemon fragrance which perpetuates in the wash cycle. Economy Laundry Powder is suitable for all household and commercial washing.


  • Suitable for hot and cold water.
  • Excellent for Cotton, Regenerated Cellulose (Viscose), Polyester, Acrylic and Nylon.
  • Mild in PH – takes care of the fabric .
  • Readily Soluble in water and moderately sudsing.
  • Concentrated formula Fresh Lemon fragrance.


Full Load Automatic: 1 + ½ cup per machine load.

Heavy Soiled Wash: 2 cup per machine load.

Front Loaders & Twin Tubs: 2/3 cup per machine load Code No 530.


  • Phosphate Free.
  • Biodegradable Surfactants.
  • Suitable for Septic Tanks when used in accordance with dilution ratios provided on label.

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Weight 25.3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 41 × 64 cm