White Magic Floor Polishing Pad 35cm

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White Magic Floor Polishing Pads are designed to remove stubborn built up grime on hard smooth floors & restore a gloss like finish.

Diameter: 35 CM

Available Quantity: Each, Carton of 6

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White Magic Floor Polishing Pad 35cm

White Magic is a multi-purpose cleaning tool that effectively removes stubborn marks without the need for harmful chemical cleaners. White Magic can be used on any smooth and non-porous area of the home or office.


  • Perfect to clean and remove stubborn marks.
  • Can be used on any smooth and non-porous surfaces.
  • DIMENSIONS: 35cm diameter.


  • Removes stubborn marks on hard smooth floors such as tiles, lino, vinyl, timber, concrete and stone.
    • Only use on rotary single disc machines running at 300rpm and below.
    • Floor needs to be well lubricated with a detergent and water solution for effective use.
    • For floor surfaces that are smooth. Uneven and rougher surfaces will cause the pad to wear out quickly.


  • Scrubber / Polish Machines with a 35cm Pad Driver.

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Each, Carton