RapidClean RC1 Compact Battery Scrubber


The RapidClean RC1 showcases the latest in scrubbing technology featuring a compact & easily manoeuvrable design.

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RapidClean RC1

RAPIDCLEAN RC1 COMPACT BATTERY SCRUBBER is revolutionising the cleaning industry with it’s state-of-the-art technology, offering industry experts a powerful tool for maintaining pristine environments.

It’s compact design ensures exceptional manoeuvrability, making it an ideal scrubbing machine for tight spaces and crowded areas where traditional scrubbers cannot reach. The advanced technology integrated into this machine allows for effortless operation, enabling users to achieve superior cleaning results with minimal physical exertion.

Trusted by cleaning professionals, the RC1 has set a new standard for efficiency in the industry, proving that a small footprint doesn’t mean a compromise on performance. RC1’s innovative features and ease of use make it a preferred choice for those who demand the best in cleaning tech solutions.


  • 360* swivel point for exceptional manoeuvrability.
  • Heavy duty by-pass vacuum motor providing effortless cleaning in all applications.
  • Smart mounted dashboard clearly displays power and battery usage.
  • Independently control water, vacuum & speed settings.
  • Twin 250mm brush/pad width covers large area.
  • Lithium ion battery techonology.
  • Quick release squeegees front & rear for ease of change.
  • Compact folding design for transport & storage.


Operating width – 500mm

Theoretical Performance – 1750m2

Practical Performance – 1000-1200m2

Run Time – 80 Minutes depending on floor surface

Charge Time – 2.5 Hours

Vacuum Motor – 150W 20,000RPM By-Pass

Drive Motors – 2x 250W 330RPM

Brush Pressure – 28KG

Brush / Pad Width – 500mm

Solution Tank – 3L

Recovery Tank – 3.5L

Machine Weight – 23KG

Warranty – 1 Year


– 1 Battery

– 2.5 Hour Fast Charger

– 2x Medium Brushes

– 2x Pad Holders

– 2x Pads