RapidClean Microfibre Mop Head Red

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A 350G premium grade microfibre round mop available in variety of colours. 
Available Quantity: Each, Carton of 12
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RapidClean Microfibre Mop Head Red

The RapidClean Microfibre Mop Head is a premium microfibre round mop head suitable to use dry or wet for mopping. Featuring a 2 ply, twisted yard which is looped to prevent tangling, the mop head is ideal for press wringer buckets.
Microfibre is constructed of a blend of polyester & polyamide & is safe for use on even the most delicate of surfaces. Polyester acts as the scrubbing & cleaning fibre. Polyamide performs as the holding & quick drying fibre.


– 100% microfibre, 2 ply twisted yard.

– Looped to prevent tangling.

– Features heavy duty plastic ferrule.

– Colour coded to avoid cross contamination.

– 350 Gram weight.


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Each, Carton