Septone Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent


Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent is an exterior glass, water repellent. Easy to apply to exterior glass windscreens, Rain-X Original repels raindrops by causing water to bead up and roll away, dramatically improving wet weather driving visibility.

Available Size: 473ML Spray Bottle

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Septone Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent

Rain-X Original Glass Treatment dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility. Simply apply the treatment to exterior glass and watch the raindrops fly off your windscreen while driving. Rain-X helps improve visibility by repelling rain, sleet and snow.

Features & Benefits:

–  Contains hydrophobic molecules which bond to the glass surface forming an invisible shield that causes water to bead off for improved visibility

– Repels rain, sleet and snow making it easier to be more in control while driving in wet weather conditions

– Available a 473ml trigger pack making it easy to store and use

Directions for Use:

  1. Clean and dry surfaces before treating.
  2. Apply in temperatures above 4 degrees Celsius.
  3. Apply Rain-X to a small, folded, dry cloth.
  4. Wipe onto exterior glass using a firm, circular and overlapping motion.
  5. Allow product to dry; a slight haze may appear.
  6. Reapply Rain-X to ensure complete and uniform coverage.
  7. Remove final haze with a dry cloth or by sprinkling water onto the haze and wiping with a paper towel.