Pro Choice Isopropyl Cleaning Wipes

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Pro Choice Isopropyl Cleaning Wipes contain 70% ALCOHOL to ensure it kills 99.9% of germs.

Wipe Dimensions: 420mm x 140mm

Available Quantity: Cannister of 75, Carton of 20 Cannisters

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Pro Choice Isopropyl Cleaning Wipes

PRO CHOICE ISOPROPYL CLEANING WIPES are designed to provide instant cleansing & protection by killing 99.9% of germs. Ideal for your travel bag, home, car or office for a peace of mind clean.


– Disposable wipe to prevent cross contamination of surfaces.

– 70% Alcohol content.

– Resealable cannister to lock in moisture.

– Ultra absorbent material designed to mop up spills.


  1. Wipe entire surface throughly to remove any dirt, grime or contaminants.
  2. Take care with large particles to ensure the surface area will not scratch.
  3. Continue to clean area until wipe is completely dry.
  4. Use wipe to cleanse and polish area.

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