Oates Polyester Cotton Mop Head

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The Oates Polyester Cotton Mop Heads are incredibly versatile and suitable for use on rough surface flooring because of its durability and high lint resistance.

Sizes Available: 350gm, 450gm and 600gm

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Oates Polyester Cotton Mop Head

The polyester and cotton blend ensure that the mop head remains durable and long-lasting. It comes with a complimentary adaptor, to fit a 25mm handle size and is designed to fit on both wooden and aluminium mop handles.

Benefits & Features:

  • Strong Polyester and Cotton Fibres
  • High Lint Resistance
  • Perfect for Rough Floors
  • Multiple Head Sizes Available

As the Oates Polyester Cotton Mop Head is so durable, it is suitable for not only rough surfaces, but both soft floors and hard materials, such as concrete. This is the ideal mop head for applying sealers and polish to different surfaces, especially with the high level of lint resistance it has. Long lasting and easy to clean, it rarely needs to be replaced. Due to the fibres being white in colour, the mop head can be bleached and cleaned to ensure it always looks new.

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350G, 450G, 600G