Oates Platinum Housekeeping Cart Compact


A complete system solution with a stylish & sturdy design with easily customised optional accessories.

DIMENSIONS: 55.8 x 94 x 99.6 CM

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Oates Platinum Housekeeping Cart Compact

The Oates Platinum Compact Design is a complete system solution for housekeeping in the hospitality industry. With it’s stylish, sturdy design it enhances guest corridor experience and is a delight to maneuver. It’s strong durable wheels are enhanced with high performance bearings, prolonging their life. The cart is easily customised with our optional accessories.

Featuring a compact design, this has been specifically designed 310mm shorter than the Oates Platinum Janitors Cart MKII to allow easier access in confined spaces. A large laundry bag is included which can be used for either linen or waste removal as well as a plastic lid to conceal any waste.

Additionally all original Oates Janitorial Platinum accessories are compatible on the JC-3100C which means you don’t have to replace everything!


  • Compact design for easy maneuverability.
  • Zipper built into laundry linen bag for ease of emptying.
  • Storage side pockets on laundry linen bag.
  • Built in lid to conceal waste / linen.