Environmental Air Solutions Air Purifying Spray

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A completely natural product which delivers immediate sanitisation and deodorisation. Within 2 hours of being applied, it kills mould, bacteria, fungi, spores and other viruses. 

Available Sizes: 750mL Spray Bottle, 5 Litre Refill

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Environmental Air Solutions Air Purifying Spray

Introducing Environmental Air Solutions – products designed to KILL MOULD and BACTERIA in a safe, natural and environmentally friendly way! EAS Air Purifying Spray and slow-release Air Purifying Gel are a two part process designed to KILL mould and bacteria, and restore the air quality to your environment!

Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil is recognised for its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. 

The Environmental Air Solutions air purifying spray is used as instant sanitisation.

Being an all natural product, it will not remove the green or black mould that pops up in moist areas. This needs to be removed first with something like Ultimate Mould & Mildew Remover. Once removed, spray the Environmental Air Solutions air purifying spray onto the surface and the mould WILL NOT come back! Follow up with a container of the Environmental Air Solutions gel to further purify the air.

The AIR PURIFYING SPRAY delivers immediate sanitisation and deodorisation, and within 2 hours of being applied. It kills mould, bacteria, fungi, spores and other viruses. Ideal for hard surfaces, bench tops, carpets & upholstery, stainless steel, air conditioning units & surfaces that require disinfecting.

Spray, wait and wipe – it’s THAT simple!


  • Completely natural product.
  • Fresh Tea Tree Oil Scent.
  • Kills & prevents mould, bacteria & fungi.


– The Air Purifying Spray has a pleasant tea tree oil smell that disappears when the process neutralises. It is ideal for use in HVAC ducts, split system air conditioners and packaged units, as Tea Tree Oil is known to KILL Legionella!

– Mould in ceiling spaces, accommodation, work areas and bathrooms will be eradicated. It can also be used for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces such as bench tops, stainless steel, walls and even glass & mirrors.

– It can also be used for treating bed bugs and bed mites.

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