OATES Eager Beaver Floor Tool Kit


A complete kit containing the Oates Eager Beaver Floor Tool & a 3 pack of floor pads.

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OATES Eager Beaver Floor Tool Kit

The Eager Beaver Floor Tool is designed to fit the entire range of Eager Beaver Pads. It provides a light weight & efficient alternative to hand scrubbing. Featuring a heavy duty plastic & swivel head design, it allows you to easily scrub through excessive grease & grime buildup.

There is a velcro-like bottom to the floor tool, making it easy to attach the Eager Beaver pads to the handle. This will allow you to make short work of any cleaning tool. It is ideal for janitorial people to use in order to keep locations clear. These can be utilized in restaurants, offices, and by cleaning companies.

PLEASE NOTE – Handle IS NOT included.


  • Constructed of heavy duty plastic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Swivel head ideal for reaching into corners.


1x Eager Beaver Floor Tool

3x Eager Beaver Floor Pad (1x White, 1x Red, 1x Black)


– Oates Eager Beaver Floor Pads

– Oates Eager Beaver Microfibre Floor Pad

– Oates Steel Handle