Niagara Jumbo High Output Trigger


A jumbo spray high output trigger suitable for use with screw top plastic bottles.

Dimensions: 225mm dip tube


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Niagara Jumbo High Output Trigger

A heavy duty, extra large trigger spray,  for general chemicals and cleaning solutions. The trigger nozzle is adjustable for spray or jet use. This spray trigger can be used with 1L or 500ml bottle, as the trigger has a 225mm stem length. For 500ml spray bottles the plastic stem can be cut to the correct length.

Spray triggers fit a 28mm neck bottle and having the shorter cap on the trigger head makes for a tighter fit on the spray bottle with less chance of leakage. The spray dose is approx. 2.5cc per squeeze and the trigger has a raised surface which creates a non slip grip.


  • High quality materials utilised in manufacturing
  • Twist nozzle provides 2.5cc dose in “spray” or “jet” flow stream with every full spray
  • 225mm length tube – can be cut down to fit smaller bottles