Oates Duraclean Scour ‘N’ Sponge Non-Scratch

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A light weight, COMMERCIAL grade scour designed to remove grime & effectively wipe surfaces clean.

DIMENSIONS 150 x 100mm

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: 10 Pack, Carton of 6x 10 Pack


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Oates Duraclean Scour ‘N’ Sponge Non-Scratch

From the DuraClean range, a 10 pack of light duty scours that remove tough and stubborn grime whilst quality cellulose sponge wipes surfaces clean with ease. HACCP recognises this as a product suitable for use in a food related environment.


  • For non-aggressive cleaning & non scratch applications.
  • Ideal for high gloss polishing, cleaning non-stick and coated cookware and more delicate surfaces.
  • Sponge wipes surface clean.

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