Wagtail High Flyer

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Wagtail tools are made in Australia by a passionate team who are dedicated to producing sustainable cleaning tools of the highest quality.


Wagtail High Flyer

The HIGH FLYER by Wagtail Cleaning Tools is the ultimate combination tool.

The HIGH FLYER has been developed primarily for the rope access window cleaner. No need for two separate tools with effortless interchange between scrubber and squeegee.

The double pivot of the HIGH FLYER squeegee makes it easier to maintain constant pressure on the glass while scrubbing top to bottom using either handle or pole.

Reduce strain while performing your cleaning tasks with the HIGH FLYER squeegee –  easily clean large windows from top to bottom.

The superior quality fixed microfibre cleaning pad ensures all spots and stains are removed from the surface then flip to engage squeegee with flat edge for precision detailing to achieve spotless finish.


  • Dual Pivot so flat mop stays in contact with the glass at all times
  • Engage Squeegee
  • Flat Edge for precision detailing
  • Fixed Microfibre Cleaning Pad
  • Anodised Aluminium Squeegee
  • Royal Blue Rubber

Combine with the Angle Arm on a pole to achieve the perfect angle to the widow & clean various areas with ease and precision.

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35CM, 45CM