Tasman TyBump – Tyre Dressing


TYBUMP is a blend of silicones and solvents formulated to enhance and protect automotive trim, including plastics, vinyl and rubber.

Available Size: 20 Litre

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Tasman TyBump – Tyre Dressing

TY BUMP TYRE DRESSING can be used on the following applications:

  • Plastic bumper trim
  • Mirror mounts
  • Tyres and mud flaps
  • Door protective strips and seals


–  Clean and dry surface to be treated first

– Apply TYBUMP neat with a soft cloth or atomiser spray. Avoid overspray on paintwork and glass. For tyres and mudflaps, a paintbrush is the quickest and most economical method.

PRECAUTIONS Store in a secured container out of reach of children. Ensure adequate ventilation when using this product and keep away from sources of heat or naked flame.

TYBUMP may produce a highly flammable vapour.