Thorzt Icy Poles

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An icy pole containing branch chain amino acids, magnesium and a formulated blend of electrolytes to provide optimum hydration whilst effectively lowering the core body temperature.

Pack Size: 10 x 90ml tubes per pack

Available Flavours: Blue Lemonade | Lemon Lime | Orange | Tropical | Wild Berry


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Thorzt Icy Poles

THORZT is a great tasting, scientifically proven mix of cutting-edge branch chain amino acids, combined with magnesium and a formulated blend of electrolytes for optimum hydration in all conditions, and the new addition of B and C group vitamins.

Designed to maintain mind and body function at a cellular level, THORZT can boost your physical and mental potential, relieve muscle pain, cramps and spasms, reduce anxiety and sleep disturbance and improve the body’s stress response.


Initially trialled in 2003 with athletes and studied prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the ingestion of ice was shown to be a superior method of lowering core body temperature than fluids served at 4ºC. In addition to the cooling benefits, crushed ice ingestion also improved endurance performance in the heat.
The cooling benefits observed for elite athletes have been replicated in occupational settings. Firefighters wearing protective clothing while working in an extremely hot fire cell were able to lower their core body temperature more effectively when they consumed crushed ice during a rest break than the standard practice of resting in the shade with a cold drink.


  • Low in Sugar
  • Gluten and caffeine free
  • Proprietary electrolyte formula inc. Magnesium
  • Proprietary blend of B and C group vitamins, L-Glutamine and essential Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’S)
  • Hypotonic

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