Edco Sorbo Professional Washer Sleeve


Available Sizes: 55cm

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Edco Sorbo Professional Washer Sleeve

The Edco Sorbo Professional Yellow Washer Sleeve with full length velcro closure along the entire length of each binding. The sleeve has hooks on one side and loops on the opposite side.

When replacing the sleeve, insert the T-Bar tubing in the sleeve and close by folding the loops over the velcro to close from each end to the handle. The overlap increases closing strength from the handle to each end. This will prevent the sleeve from filling up with and dripping water on the floor.

We recommend that you wash all new washer sleeves in a washing machine before use to remove most of the loose fibers. This limits the possibility of streaks. However, do not use dryer fabric softeners, as it makes the washer sleeve less absorbent.


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