Sampson Shimmer Dishwasher Powder

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Shimmer is a sophisticated dishwashing powder that uses the power of enzymes to achieve amazing results.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: 1kg, 4.5kg Bucket, 10kg Bag

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Sampson Shimmer Dishwasher Powder

Shimmer won’t damage cutlery, crockery and glasses like harsh powders can. It can remove dried up and hard to shift stains with the added benefit of oxygen whitening, and with built in anti-scaling agents it will prevent scale build up in the machine.

Shimmer will produce excellent soil removing results without the long term corrosion problems some dish wash powders can suffer from. This corrosion is often noticeable on glassware that simply looks dull after a period of time. Shimmer Dish Wash Powder will actually polish glassware as it washes.

The technology has utilized 2 enzymes to completely remove all common soiling to leave pots, pans, crockery, cutlery & glassware sparkling clean. Specific anti scaling agents are also utilised to prevent any form of scale buildup.


Apply 1 scoop per dish wash cycle, or follow machine manufacturers recommendations.



– Caustic free

– Anti-Scaling agents

– Dual enzyme technology is utilised

– Anti corrosion formula

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10KG Bag, 1KG, 4.5KG Bucket