Oates Flexible Cobweb & Fan Broom


The Oates Cobweb & Fan Broom is effective in the removal of dirt, dust and cobwebs from hard to reach corners.

DIMENSIONS: 400 x 145 x 2000mm

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Oates Flexible Cobweb & Fan Broom

Cobweb & Fan Broom is designed with a round, loop style head which allows to fit over objects such as fan blades. It has also been designed with an adjustable flex head to cater for those hard-to-reach places and the handle can be extended to 1.8m. Long, flagged bristles efficiently trap dirt, dust and cobwebs. Head is removable to allow easy cleaning and maintenance to remove trapped dirt.


  • Head cleans top and bottom of ceiling fan blades.
  • Adjustable flex head for hard-to-reach places.
  • Flagged bristles trap dirt.
  • 22mm powder coated steel handle.