RapidClean Vacuum Cleaner Bags Paper 10 Pack RAF607-10L


Disposable Paper Vacuum Bags compatible with a wide variety of Vacuums.

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RapidClean Vacuum Cleaner Bags Paper 10 Pack RAF607-10L

The RapidClean RAF607-10L Paper bags are an open ended bag designed to suit the a wide variety of Nilfisk, Origin, Pacvac, Polivac, Pullman & Tenant series. These bags are double walled, double glued and made with bleached paper.


  • Cleanstar Starlite
  • Hako Rocket Vac (old model), Shadowvac Backpack
  • Nilfisk BV100, BV1100
  • Origin BV100, BV200, Sprint
  • Pacvac Prolite & Older Model Pacvacs
  • Polivac Wombat, Koala
  • Pullman PV5, PV6, PV7, PV9, PV10, PV11, PV12, PV13, PV14, PV15

Paper Disposable Vacuum Bag

These are a double walled paper bag which are an entry level option for commercial vacuum cleaners.

Synthetic Disposable Vacuum Bag

These are a fine, multi layered fabric which breathes better than paper. This allows the air to move much more freely & ensures a greater suction.

Cloth Reuseable Vacuum Bag

Reuseable Cloth Vacuum Bags are designed to be emptied & reused multiple times. A disposable bag sits inside this & adds an additional layer of filtration. This adds add an additional layer of filtration which ensures less dirt, dust & debris is pulled through to cloth bag & the motor. This extends the life of the vacuum significantly.