PURELL Touch Free Dispenser & Floor Stand


PURELL Dispenser & Floor Stand is provided as an all in one solution to hand sanitisation requirements in public spaces. It includes both the stand & TOUCH FREE dispensing unit & can fit either the PURELL GEL or FOAM sanitiser.

Dimensions: Suitable for use with PURELL 1200ML GEL or FOAM sanitiser


PURELL Touch Free Dispenser & Floor Stand

Purell Floor Stand is a secure base designed to fit the  PURELL Touch Free Dispensers. These are an ideal solution to encourage hand sanitisation & prevent cross contamination in public spaces.
Featues & Benefits:
  • Freestanding design, ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Ideal for customer service, checkout & other locations
  • Allows PURELL Instant Hand Sanitiser to be easily accessible  anywhere
  • Touch Free Dispenser inclusive in price
  • Dispenser securely mounted to stand to prevent theft