Pool Pro Pool Floc Aluminium Sulphate


Pool Pro Pool Floc is designed for flocking cloudy, green, muddy or dirty pools.

Available Size: 2KG

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Pool Pro Pool Floc

Pool Pro POOL FLOC is a flocculent which causes suspended particles to coagulate and drop to the bottom of the pool for vacuuming to waste. These are very small granules.


  • Granular flocculant.
  • For cloudy, green and dirty swimming pools.
  • Causes suspended particles to coagulate for vacuuming to waste.


  1. Adjust total alkalinity to above 150ppm & pH to 7/5-8ppm.
  2. Turn off filtration system, Salt Chlorinator should be off.
  3. Move the D.E or Sand Filter multiport valve handle to recirculate.
  4. Dissolve 400g of Pool Pro Pool Floc for every 10,000L of water in a bucket & then broadcast evenly across pool surface.
  5. Run pool for 4 hours to circulate the Flocculent, then turn off for 24 hours to allow the Flocculent to settle at bottom of pool.
  6. Once settled, vacuum Flocculent to waste. If pool then becomes cloudy, turn pool off & allow Flocculent to resettle. Resume vacuuming once settled.
  7. Once all floc is removed from pool, fill pool water back up to appropriate level.
  8. Move D.E or Sand Filter multiport valve handle back to filter & switch Salt Chlorinator back on.
  9. Once process is complete, test & balance pool water as soon as possible.