Multi Fit Squeeze Mop Refill- 2 pack


These mops are great for residential use as well as for serviced apartments, classrooms, and other small locations. These can be placed in the rooms for people to tidy up on their own. These do not require a commercial mop bucket and will dry quickly when stored upright.

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Multi Fit Squeeze Mop Refill- 2 pack

This is one of the most economic solutions available. Since it fits most brands, you can be confident that it will fit the model that you have, regardless of how many posts it is. Further, the absorbent sponge will make quick work of cleaning flooring, whether it is tile, linoleum, or another material.

Some mops use sponges as opposed to yarn heads. When you have a mop that involves a sponge, this multi-refill pack is ideal. It includes two sponges that are highly absorbent. There are multiple posts, allowing it to fit the majority of two and four post squeeze mop brands.

Features & Benefits: 

– Fits most 2 and 4 post mops

– Contains 2 mop heads per pack

– Absorbent sponge