Jasol Emulso Heavy Duty Cleaner

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A multi purpose cleaner with excellent degreasing properties, ideal for use on a variety of metal surfaces excluding Zinc & Aluminium.


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Jasol Emulso Heavy Duty Cleaner

Designed for a multitude of cleaning jobs. Suitable for most metal surfaces except aluminium & zinc. Provides excellent removal of grease, oil, grime, body fat, mould & other difficult to remove soils. Can also be used for engine grime removal when applied through high pressure water system & steam cleaners. Characterised with a low toxicity, leaves behind a pleasant citrus fragrance.


  • Multi functional product featuring fresh citrus fragrance
  • Highly effective at removing grease, oil & heavy soiling
  • Alkaline formulation


STEAM CLEANING OF ENGINES – Light 1:100 with water. Heavy 1:60 with water.

OILY CONCRETE – 1:10 with water, apply & allow to sit for 60 seconds. Agitate with stiff bristle broom & rinse clean.

SPOT CLEAN – Floors, walls, motors 1:30 with water. Apply & agitate with mop, brush or scour, rinse clean.

GENERAL PURPOSE – 1:100 with water.


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