Septone Hydroclean – Thickened Acid Cleaner

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Hydroclean is a multi use THICKENED ACID BASED CLEANER suitable for use as both a household and industrial cleaner and de-scaler.

Available Sizes: 1 Litre | 5 Litre | 20 Litre

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Hydroclean – Thickened Acid Cleaner

Hydroclean is a thickened, inhibited, hydrochloric acid based cleaner incorporating a surfactant for reduced fuming.

HYDROCLEAN can be used in the following applications:

  • As a concrete cleaner, Hydroclean removes concrete residues from concrete truck bowls and associated equipment and removes excess concrete and mortar from brickwork
  • As a descaler, Hydroclean removes excessive scale build up from heat exchangers, boilers, condensors, radiators and associated pipework
  • Hydroclean may be used in conventional acid pickling operations involving mild and low carbon steels, alloys and more reactive steels
  • Other uses include the de-soaping of laundry machines and the descaling of coffee and tea urns


– Hydroclean is safe for use on any type of steel

– Biodgradable

– Reduced fuming

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1 litre, 20 litre, 5 litre