Glow Interior Exterior Cleaner Polish


METHOD OF USE Use undiluted in a spray bottle direct to surface. Using a sprayer, spray a light, even mist over the surface, and buff to a shine with a clean soft cloth.

Do not allow GLOW to dry before buffing.


• Contains a complex blend of the finest quality polymers, surfactants and silicones

• Produces a deep long lasting shine for a visibly improved protective finish

• Specifically formulated to meet the demands of a professional detailer

• Improves results and reduces processing time

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GLOW is designed for use as a polish and conditioner for timber, plastic laminated surfaces, glass, vinyl, leather, rubber and enamel painted areas. It is suitable for dashboards, trims, tyres etc. GLOW contains a synergistic blend of silicones and natural waxes to impart a strong shine and conditioning effect on all surfaces. Waxes and protects surfaces from food and drink spillage.