Geck Off Natural Gecko Repellent


The all natural formula of Geckoff is safe for the earth, your kids, and the pets.

Available Size: 500ML

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Geck Off Natural Gecko Repellent

Geckoff is the very first product to be MANUFACTURED IN AUSTRALIA with the sole purpose of deterring gecko’s from hanging out inside the home, in outdoor living areas and in appliances. You won’t find any nasty chemicals in our all natural spray so it’s EARTH friendly, KID friendly & PET friendly.

The fresh, zesty fragrance means no lingering chemical scents and our signature active ingredient will leave your home smelling amazing.


  • Earth Friendly – Repel those pesky Gecko’s without harming them or the environment at all.
  • Pet Friendly – Your fury friends won’t be too bothered by Geckoff’s active ingredients either.
  • Kid Friendly – And most importantly, there’s no nasty ingredients that will upset your little ones.